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Social networking has become an integral part of all our lives. Whether or not you are active on Facebook or Twitter, you have certainly heard about these networks and you are aware of the extent of their influence. However, career professionals tend to underestimate the usefulness of a networked presence.

We tend to feel that Facebook is intended only for younger people and Twitter for celebrities. Perhaps the biggest obstacles are the demand for time to establish and maintain an online presence and the feeling that it is simply not important.

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LinkedIn® represents a major change in the way social networks impact the lives and careers of professionals. Think of it like Facebook, but it’s aimed at career-minded people.

With over 200 million registered users today, LinkedIn® is a powerful tool for creating your online identity and enhancing your network. Because LinkedIn® is Internet-based, it has global reach in over 200 countries. This means you can extend your network coverage as well.

Don’t let a weak mistake or resume ruin your chance to get your career off the ground and land your dream job. Ask our expert editorial team to review your resume and provide you with real-life professional tools.

As Important As Your Resume

The network has become the leading recruitment tool because your LinkedIn® profile, when properly set up, will contain the same information as your resume. Users have the option to allow contacts by phone or by email only to control contact traffic. Each profile is assigned skills that headhunters can use to select the right candidates.

For recruiters, internal HR professionals are increasingly using LinkedIn® as a screening tool to determine which candidates qualify for initial interviews or even for second-party recalls. LinkedIn® has become a unique virtual marketplace for local and global talent.

Active job searches are also supported with a posting feature on LinkedIn®. Companies can hire vacancies that are immediately available to registered users. Applying through LinkedIn® is very easy. Community support is supported by the answers section on the website.

Users can ask questions and get answers and advice from the great LinkedIn® membership. After a recent redesign of the site, a redesigned LinkedIn home page includes business-related news articles that you can view.

The key to LinkedIn®’s success is the contact function. Once your profile is created, you can build your virtual network by inviting people you know personally and who you consider valuable career contacts. After accepting your first contact request, you can see who they are connected to, and you can also request an introduction to these contacts. This network of connections can grow very fast, giving you access to important people and information.

The Information Age is here and LinkedIn® gives professionals worldwide access. With free basic membership, you can join the leading professional portal and build your network.

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ResumesPlanet is able to write for 6 levels of experience.

Entry Level

Are you just starting your career? It’s often difficult to put together an eye-catching CV when you’re just starting out. Employers want proven expertise about potential new employees. As an entry-level applicant, you are disadvantaged because of your limited work experience. Our authors can help you capitalize on your experience. Using the information you provide about volunteering, courses, and relevant skills you’ve acquired in previous positions, your author will create a perfect resume that will help you have more job interviews.

Professional Level

A professional resume that identifies the knowledge, skills and abilities relevant to the next level of your career ladder is required to attract potential employers. The CV is one of the most important tools in your job search. The CV will attract the attention of an employer by assuring it that you meet the requirements for its open position. A bad CV or resume that does not focus on your abilities can easily disqualify you. However, it can be difficult to put together a good CV. With a copy of your current CV and a questionnaire, our authors can help you create the perfect resume for you.

Executive Level

As a executive, you were responsible for the essential functions of the institutions you previously worked on. It can be very difficult to present your skills in such a way that they address an employer and show that you are a good fit for them. The author associated with your resume creates the necessary approach for the employers you want to address. Your CV will show your qualifications, achievements and expertise in the best possible light to invite you to a job interview.

Military Level

Transitioning from the military can sometimes be quite challenging. Civilian employers may not understand the significance of military careers. It can also be challenging to describe military duties and careers without using military jargon. Your writer will create a resume to make transitioning into the civilian world easier. Your medals, commendations, postings, tours, and other details of your military career will be presented in a way relevant to the civilian career goals you wish to pursue.

Federal Level

The recruitment process used by the federal government is very complex and often requires the applicant to compile exceptional documents. Do not let the size of the document pack convince you that the resume is less important to you when landing your position. The CV will continue to be used by recruitment managers to determine if you meet the requirements for the job you’ve applied for. Along with your KSA summary, the CV is a very important part of winning the invitation to a job interview. The writers will improve your CV to identify the position you are looking for and to secure the interview.

Career Change

You’ve decided to change gears and take a new job. Your current CV is tailored to your old career. However, an employer would prefer applicants who have training and experience in their new profession. You are at a disadvantage like an entry-level person, unless you are re-structuring your resume. The writers at ResumesPlanet will help you analyze your current CV and reveal the relevant skills, knowledge and skills you have acquired from your previous positions. Your new resume will help you open the door to new opportunities in your chosen area.


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