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10 Websites To Find Volunteer Work That Is Perfect For You

It’s a great feeling when you give back to the community – not only that it makes you feel good about yourself, others too will feel the same. The internet is fantastic as it makes it so much easier to search volunteer opportunities. Even if you want to help animals, the environment, or helping people in need – there are websites that can pair you up with very specific opportunities.

If you’re ready to spread some kindness and stretch out that helping hand of yours, here are the best websites you can check out to search for volunteer work.

1. VolunteerMatch

So far they’ve matched over a million people with fantastic opportunities to volunteer. All work possibilities will be listed after entering your query in the VolunteerMatch search bar.

To find what’s right for you, you can sort possibilities from the search filters by cause i.e. animals, children, seniors, women and the arts.

VolunteerMatch will also let you check on virtual opportunities from the comfort of your home by using its App. After finding a suitable organization to work with, sign up to let them know that you are ready to help.

2. All for Good

Good thing about them is that they will use your location to find opportunities near you. It’s a simple click on “find ways to volunteer on the top menu search bar for local organizations. Thousands of results of opportunities around you will be listed for you to choose from.

You can then click on “see more search options” to enter another keyword which will filter the opportunities by your special interests. Remote projects, date and family friendly projects can be filtered too from the results listed.

3. JustServe

Signing up on JustServe is without any fuss and quite quick. With an opportunity found, sign up for an account and just be there in person at the event on the day!

To view opportunities, just type in the location that you want. Then filter all the events by age group, skills and your personal interests. JustServe also shows you opportunities that are on-going besides one-time events and happenings.

4. United Way

UnitedWay is one of the more common go to volunteer organizations. They specialize in giving back to the community in the form of education, health care and fund raising projects.

The opportunities at UnitedWay span a wide range which includes children support, gardening, construction, therapy, disaster services and food bank work opportunities. Whatever volunteer work you are skilled at presently, you’ll find it easy to find somewhere to fit in to extend your help to the community.

Contact your local UnitedWay if you intend to be involved in overseas volunteer work opportunities.

5. Do Something

This is a great place for empowerment, especially for young people to get involved to fight for social change.  Do Something’s activities directly affect the community and make an immediate difference.

You don’t have to live in a specific area to get involved in its events. Most movements simply ask you to do your part to help the cause and give you guidance on how to do so. Some events might ask you to clean up litter around you, while others instruct you to collect food for the needy.

6. Habitat for Humanity

Do you have a knack for construction, or have an interest in learning about interior design? In either case, you should definitely check out the opportunities at Habitat for Humanity. This organization specializes in building houses for underprivileged people across the United States and around the world.

When you search for opportunities, Habitat for Humanity lists its offices in your area. From here, you can select the branch closest to you, and sign up for any current or future activities. On the other hand, you can also search for global opportunities, which enables you to build shelters around the world.

To volunteer at Habitat for Humanity, you don’t have to know anything about construction to get involved. It encourages women, children, and veterans to join in as well.

7. GivePulse

GivePulse offers a whole database of volunteer opportunities. Simply type in your location, and scroll through a list of valuable volunteer work. As you spend your time helping others, it can turn into an educational experience for both you and the people in need. Work as a volunteer yoga instructor, or even become a caregiver for children with special needs.

If you need to keep track of your volunteer hours, GivePulse can help you with that too. GivePulse shows the amount of time you’ve worked, verifies your hours, and even calculates your volunteer statistics.

8. AARP Create the Good

AARP is one of the United States’ biggest nonprofit associations. It aids Americans age 50 or older by helping them feel more comfortable and confident during the aging process.

AARP allows you to volunteer with people from all walks of life. Become a senior companion, tutor young children, or even assist veterans. As you uncover the secrets of generosity, you’ll get addicted to the satisfaction of volunteering your time.

9. Feeding America

Connect with your local food bank through Feeding America. Since most food banks actually rely on volunteers to do most of the work, this organization can really use your help. By spending a small amount of time sorting through and stocking food, you can help the hungry families in your city.

10. American Red Cross

The American Red Cross specializes in providing emergency services and disaster relief to those affected by medical conditions or natural disasters. When you sign up for the Red Cross, you can choose from a variety of roles.

Opt to take a short quiz that places you in a specific position, or choose to browse through opportunities by category. While some roles have to do with finances, education, and IT, other roles allow you to help people face-to-face.

It’s Time to Make a Difference

Nothing beats the amazing feeling that comes along with volunteering. By taking a couple of hours out of your day, you can help improve your community or your environment. In the end, volunteering is always worth it.

When you’re not volunteering, you should think about donating your gently used clothes and items to the needy. Check out this article on NeedHave, an app that promotes goodwill donations in your area.