Top Affiliate Marketing YouTubers With High Content Value

YouTubers Who Will Help You Maximize Your Affiliate Marketing Success

Here is my list of affiliate marketing YouTubers with high content value that I highly recommend to you and have as my go-to sources of great content and tips for affiliate marketing suitable for beginners, intermediates, and even advanced marketers.

These guys deserve a medal for being generous in giving their worthwhile affiliate marketing tips and strategies that they themselves have tried out while sacrificing their time and resources to share their tips and tricks.

I have saved you a long and arduous scroll through of YouTube search results of the best affiliate marketers and these are my most watched affiliate marketing YouTubers that you might want to subscribe to and follow. Too valuable not to share here.

This is a non-ordered favorite list of who is the best because each of these YouTuber’s have their own unique case studies, reviews, strategies, tips and tricks that are suitable for any niche. All are worthwhile channels and deliver quality information.

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with any of them. I have gained some great tips from them and took it upon myself to inform you of their valuable content. To those who are looking into affiliate/internet marketing, be it as a part time or full time income avenue, these are the best channels so far. I may be adding more in due course. Please do note that they will have their own affiliate programs that they will be promoting that you can consider joining or signing up for. 

Updated 12 February 2023

List Building On Steroids

List Building On Steroids is a no-nonsense straight-to-the-point affiliate marketing channel that you don’t want to miss. He knows his stuff, and trust that he has lots to teach and with many tips to reveal.

This channel was created to help affiliate marketers and network marketers generate traffic & leads for free. Sherrod started out his goal to reach 5 leads a day. By doing so he knew that I would to start generating commissions. Turns out, his strategy works! For anyone who is struggling to make money online, please subscribe to his channel. He will help you reach 5 leads a day, then 15, then 20 + leads a day. And if you need help generating commissions, I can help you with that as well.

Go to his channel and subscribe

Barry Cross

Barry’s passion is helping people to learn & develop their skills to build a successful online business. He coaches affiliate & network marketing methods that will enable you to build a business from the comfort of your own home (or anywhere with an internet connection) & show you how to earn a residual income.

This will give you the time freedom & residual income to enable you to enjoy time with family, friends & doing the the things in life you love to do.

Barry covers the methods well and presents in a pace anyone can follow easily. The programs he is associated with are proven and worthwhile, returning great results for anyone who puts in effort in building their home business. Barry’s method of delivery is straight-forward and convincing.

Go to his channel and subscribe

Jeff Aman

Jeff created this channel to help average people get massive results in affiliate marketing so that they can finally make a job killing income. Jeff teaches you his favorite traffic strategies as well us updating you on his affiliate marketing and work from home journey.

Some of his favorite affiliate programs to promote are tools. What do I mean by tools? … Tools are services like autoresponders, site builders, traffic software, etc.

Too many shiny objects out there, and opportunities that come and go, but people usually stick with tools because they run their entire business on them! Once people master a certain tool in their business it’s highly unlikely that they will switch.

Explore the videos here to gain insight and good tips from an experienced Affiliate Marketer.

Corinna Jacqueline

Corrina’s channel is all about honest software reviews and online marketing. That’s what got this channel listed into this post.

She reviews and explains in detail about some make money online products out there that promise the stars and don’t deliver on their promises. Admittedly, I was once caught up with these hypes and I have learnt that there are too many shiny objects out there. Thanks to channels like Corrina’s, everything is put into perspective.

Corrina delivers in providing honest reviews while she dissects each of these software/programs. This will help you make informed decisions on which ones to look out for and which to ignore, whether or not to invest your hard earned money in it or not.

Go to her channel and subscribe

Aurelius Tjin

Aurelius Tjin helps aspiring entrepreneurs scale their digital product business with online tech.

On his channel, he shares tips and training on digital products, email marketing, building landing pages, and creating lead magnets and ebooks.

Aurelius is a Canva Certified Creative so you’ll also find him sharing the best tips on using Canva to design your graphics and marketing collateral.

He uploads valuable instructional videos every week.

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Digital High Road

Aims to provide you with basic, no BS help to build a successful online marketing business. And provides you with help in every area of what it takes to be successful with your make money online business.

He leaves no stone unturned, and once you have watched videos that you know more about making money online than 95% of other people online. It will take perseverance, hard work, and having a very large reason why you wish to make money this way.

With training on everything from SEO, keyword research, and building a website using WordPress, you can find success of your own. He only teaches what works, and only teach white hat methods that you can trust to help you succeed.

Also, believes in only sharing you the truth about every area of web sites, and YouTube marketing. He pays great attention to detail in all training videos offered to you for help.

Go to his channel and subscribe


This channel covers a myriad of topics including eCommerce, PLR, SEO strategies, etc. His instructions are clear and is presented in a step-by-step manner. All 100+ videos on this channel is well worth watching.

Go to the channel and subscribe

James Hustle

He has created this definitive channel on making money online. He discusses marketing strategies such as Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, Google Ads, Affiliate marketing and much more.

I find James as a dedicated and hardworking marketer who always never fails to deliver quality insights and tips. He has a friendly attitude but at the same time relentless to get his message across to you to make sure you succeed. You will discover some unknown tricks in the areas of Facebook Ads, CPA Marketing and even not so common ways to earn some income.

Go to his channel and subscribe

Franklin Hatchett

He’s an Internet Marketer, Affiliate Marketer, who makes his living working from home. He help others do the same and achieve financial success. Right now this is how he’s earning a living:

Facebook advertising, Clickbank products and search engine optimization, Drop shipping, Promoting other random affiliate products like Luxury Holidays & Amazon Affiliates tips and strategies.

If you want to learn how to make money online, this is the right place. Every week he uploads content that will help you earn money online and start a profitable business.

Got questions? No problem. He’s has a video series called “Ask Franklin” where he will answer all your questions. To ask a question simply contact him through his channel.

Building websites and making money online doesn’t have to be hard. He uses his blog and YouTube channel to give advice and show you exactly how you can make money online. He’ll show it to you step by step and will also show you how to increase traffic to your website and blogs.

Franklin knows his stuff and he has great tips on basically everything affiliate marketing. He has good step by step tutorials and teaches you ways to get around some tough situations in internet marketing. If you want to know what I mean, just watch hos videos.

Go to his channel and subscribe

James Fomba

This New Yorker gives some down-to-earth, honest and motivated internet marketing tips and strategies, product reviews, strategies and actionable steps. His mindset is always solid and goal driven. if you do subscribe to his channel, get ready for updates as often as the hours and the days go by.

James is one of the first of many that I started to admire. He is dedicated and has a pleasantly smooth way of showing you what should be done and not to be done in this very competitive world of affiliate marketing. He is on the way to success and he is teaching others to do the same. A highly disciplined character and takes internet marketing challenges in his own pace and turns it into great valuable content.

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Kevin Lehner

A.K.A Freedom Motivator

On his channel you will find videos related to Internet Marketing with a load of how to’s and various videos of techniques to make money online. Most of his tips and strategies here are 100% free to do and can be done right from your home. His passion is to help you bring more time and financial freedom into your life with each and every video. He usually uploads his videos on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

You’ll be surprised of the various ways that one can make something on the side with resources Kevin finds that you may have overlooked. Some good trinkets in here to treasure.

Go to his channel and subscribe

Affiliate Marketing Dude

Marcus has been an internet and affiliate marketer for over 16 years and this channel is here to help you learn the ropes and profit online with your websites and blogs.

Marcus has a way of luring you into his world of raw affiliate marketing knowledge. In a good way actually. Subscribing to his channel will leave you in awe of the many tip and tricks he has up his sleeves. He is experienced and he presents his no BS insights so that you will clearly understand how the world of affiliate marketing works. Take notes when you sit through his valuable fact filled guide through the realms of internet marketing. Many gems here, so its worth watching all his previous vids.

Go to his channel and subscribe

Millionaire Mum

Sophie is a Millionaire Mum, who helps busy people to build a business and want to find the best ways of making money online. Her channel is catered for all the many people out there, struggling, trying to build a business online, going from one thing to another, hoping “this is it”, trying to find their way through what feels like a pretty hostile place at times!

Sophie has a mesmerizing way when she is in front of the camera. She had admitted that being in front of the camera was one of her no no’s. Now, armed with confidence and vigor, she shares little bits of very useful tips for the freshy affiliate marketer too. Everything she teaches are tried and tested – she’s the millionaire mum.

Go here to read her full story – Millionaire Mum is Sophie – a happy busy mum of 4, building a business online.

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Aaron Chen

This is Aaron Chen’s channel. He has tons of tip and tricks how to approach online marketing and affiliate marketing. He has humbly admitted that he had failed for 8 years before figuring the secret sauce that took him to over 1,000 sales in my business.

So here, he will show you how to do that too plus loads of insider tricks you don’t want to miss. So if you’re keen, check out his channel. He posts videos frequently and is clear and concise, down to earth and realistic presentation.

Aaron is a Malaysian affiliate marketer and a well spoken guy. His structured presentation guides you through do’s and don’ts of affiliate marketing and he is well versed with the macro workflows of an affiliate marketer. He can get analytical at some points and these points should be noted and applied to your own flow of reaching your affiliate marketing goals. Take heed of his handy advise and his perspectives of achieving success.

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Bryan Toder

This is Bryan Toder. After 16 years in a successful hypnosis business, Bryan sold it and started another business online. He spent a ton of time with courses, traveling, bad advice, and lost a bunch of money. I bet this sounds so familiar.

Then, he figured out how and why he could be successful in business online and now he teaches to beginners online how to get their first sale and how to continue selling online, creating a successful business for themselves!

I can truly say that Bryan delivers his goods in an easy to understand, well paced and structured presentation. He really knows what he’s talking about and have put them all into practice. You will be surprised that he has dissed a lot of well known products and software that claimed to work wonders after applying their 1-2-3 steps for immediate success. On the other hand, his honest reviews on those that work are worth watching till the end. Thumbs up to Bryan.

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Dave Mac

Dave started affiliate marketing in 2007 to provide himself with some extra cash during a time of job insecurity. He created this channel to share his experience, successes, and even failures with affiliate marketing over the years. He also wants to provide you something that the other affiliate marketing Youtubers don’t –  real video case studies and results.

When he shares his experience, he actually shows you working case studies of affiliate campaigns that make money (good money). You can watch these campaigns created from scratch, all the way through to their results. He uploads case studies when they’re successful and probably the ones that didn’t yield much results. That’s the best way to gain knowledge I should say.

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