How To Make ClickBank Sales Commissions in 2020 (Even If You’re A Beginner)

If at all you have been struggling to get ClickBank affiliate sales commissions, for starters there’s this software that can help you create ClickBank affiliate sites that rank on Google.

No worries about content and all that fluff because all the ClickBank product reviews are pre-loaded; even the videos and bonuses… yup all done for you. All this daily original content with get you google ranked for traffic.

According to internet marketing experts who have given this a test run, this is the closest you’ll get to an ultimate “Done For You” software, It gets you content, It gets you traffic, It gets you ClickBank Commissions in just 3 easy actions!

STEP 1: Choose a niche from all of the 23 ClickBank niches setup for you to choose from. Or just select “custom” and pick any niche you want from the list.

STEP 2: Insert your ClickBank ID to get full credit for any sales your website makes.

If you don’t have a ClickBank ID yet, don’t worry. It’s free and creating an account takes a few minutes.

STEP 3: Click the button to “Create My Site” and then you’re done.


At this point, I bet you couldn’t begin to imagine receiving results like this in your bank account… daily and possibly, weekly on autopilot.

This software, aptly called Click And Bank just covers all areas of creating a ClickBank review website with no complication. It’s all done-for-you and you just need to log in to the web based software (runs in the cloud) so it can design and create an entire site for you.

A plus point of this software is that content will be refreshed and renewed, Your website visitors will love these new “review posts” of ClickBank offers (to make you some good profits and money). New content will prompt Google to rank this site, not forgetting automatic search traffic.

Since it’s your website, you are free to add banner ads for additional ad income and also opt-in forms to build you list, wherever you want – on the sidebar, the footer… wherever. The Click and Bank sites are fully hosted with no hosting costs. However there’s an option to use your own domain with the no cost hosting fee for Click and Bank. Sounds like a good deal! Pure profit from ClickBank commissions,

Think it’s best for you to head on to the full site with all the information you need. Demo videos and all. Price will be rising soon. Best to go check and grab this. Start profiting and making some money from ClickBank.