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7 Credit Cards Every 30-Year-Old Should Consider (With Video Reviews)

Although this guide is about credit cards for people in their 30s, there’s no best card for you based on your age. This is because everyone has different lifestyles, redemption goals, credit history and cards already in their wallet. The best credit card for one is probably different from the best credit card for you.

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31 Ways To Save on Weddings

   Weddings are expensive. Here, experts – planners, bridal industry insiders and newly-weds were consulted and interviewed and share their best strategies on how to keep a control on costs. Attire 1. Rent a gown. Designer gowns, used and new are available for a fraction of their original price. 2. Buy a used gown or designer sample. Local thrift or second hand stores are sources. Recommendation: Find best the price for wedding gowns and suits for men at Venue 3. Get a catering estimate for the minimum guest count. You can add guests later but late in the game

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