How To Get Traffic To Your Website For Free – An Easy Way

Almost everyone who has a website or blog needs traffic to be driven there. This would mean a substantial amount visitors will be able to see what you have to offer – be it your review of a certain product, a personal blog, a landing page where you collect leads via opt-in forms.  The way I am going to share with you was something I stumbled upon just the other day on how to get traffic to your website for free.

Since I am a member of a email safelist website, I will be focusing on utilizing this platform for you to get free clicks and leads by just following a few steps. This has been proven to deliver some good traffic to my website and opt-in page.

Lets get started.

First of all, if you are not familiar with email safelists please read this article of mine:

What Are Email Safelists? Are They Effective?

If you are already familiar with these sites, then lets move on.

The sites that I recommend to you are and

There is a reason why these websites stand out from the rest. (Note: I may be adding more after I’ve completed my research)

I will show you.

The Easiest Way How To Get Traffic To Your Website For Free


If you are not a member of USLargestSafelist, please register as a free member. You can consider the option of upgrading your account if you think it would be the better option. For now, no harm to stick to free membership. A substantial amount of credits will be given to you initially to start off.

Once in the members area of USLargestSafelist. Head to Credits Mailer (as shown below) and compose a paragraph of text introducing your website/offer. You would need to paste the URL of the website in the box below. Easy enough right? So that’s one way to reach the 30,000 plus members your website to be viewed. Keep in mind that members receiving the email will not all at once open it. They may do it in their own time, so don’t expect 30,000 clicks to land on that link. Okay, I hope that sorts the expectations.

The Easiest Way How To Get Traffic To Your Website For Free

You will notice that below the left column of the link menu, there are 4 rows of ads. These ads are the ones that members place for free using credits that they have earned by surfing other members email. This column of ads (red square) that I’m referring to lies within the ‘hotspot’ of the area of where the eyes move around a webpage. Quite strategically placed, I might say. Hence, placing your text ad here should be what you need to do next.


The Easiest Way How To Get Traffic To Your Website For Free

Not only are you limited to placing text ads, you will also have the option to place banner ads. As you can see in the image above, the banner is also placed below where members prepare their email to be sent out. This area also is a very noticeable area. We are talking about 30,000 plus members; probably from that 50% of them are active. Out this 50%, a portion would be seeing your text ad and banner. So, the exposure of your ads is guaranteed.

I hope that this has made some sense.

The same can be said for the other website, which has a similar webpage layout and a strategically placed ad column and banner hotspot.  Try the techniques that I’ve shown you and hopefully you can get some great results from clicks and web traffic.  Wait! You can also consider FreeSafelistMailer if you are focusing on banners instead of text ads. Their layout is also based on the same concept as what I’ve described with the other two safelist sites.

Good luck.

Please leave a comment below if you have any ideas to add to this.

Thanking you in advance.

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