Health Tip for Popping Your Ears

How to Pop Your Ears After A Flight

This is a good one for those who cant get your ears to pop and have clogged hearing after a long flight. No worries, I think this great tip from Dr Bob Arnot, columnist and writer for Mens Journal should help:

First and foremost, to understand what to do, here’s a quick anatomy lesson: There’s a tube called the eustachian tube that connects your middle ear to your throat. Though airplanes are pressurized, if a plane makes a sudden descent, the air in your middle ear shrinks, creating a vacuum, and the eustachian tube closes down. This is what makes your ear feel blocked.

It’s tempting to pinch your nostrils and blow through your nose to get the ear to pop, but that method can cause enough pressure to perforate your eardrum.The safer way to open up the eustachian tube is to press a wet, hot towel right below your earlobe for five minutes. The heat relaxes the lining of the tube, allowing it to open.

Good luck popping!