9 Tips On How To Flirt With A Guy

These 9 points are derived from a collection of answers from men when asked how they wish women would flirt with them.
  1. If you’re out at a club or somewhere social, offer to buy him a drink. This will flatter him and will surely cause an instant spark of interest.
  2. Start a conversation. Let it last for sometime, probably not more than 5 minutes, then be direct and tell him you are flirting with him.
  3. Try to avoid playing dumb or do the hair twirl, dopey girl routine. That characterisation of you being ‘dumb’ will reflect back at him. Prepare to be ignored. Just be who you are, as smart as you can be. It could work better.
  4. Good conversation has always been a turn-on for most guys. If there’s nothing much to say then so be it.
  5. Surprise him with a sincere compliment because you’d be surprised that men get a few of them. A compliment will definitely make his head turn. If he compliments you back then he’s surely interested.
  6. Brief hand touches, shoulder rubs while in conversation, or even when there’s a pause goes further than anything overtly sexual. It’s subtle and goes a long way with men.
  7. Look him in the eyes for long enough and then look away as if you’ve been caught. It creates a rush with men.
  8. A cliché.. Be yourself. No need to cuss and show that you have a rowdy side to impress. This usually has a opposite outcome for most men.
  9. Pull him onto the dance floor and insist that you want to dance with him, and have fun and that you are adventurous.

To all ladies, hope these tips have good outcome. Happy flirting!

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