8 Tips On How To Beat A Hangover

If you are a social drinker and just about had it with the inevitable side effects of a night out with your buddies, here are some useful tips that just might work for you.
  1. Do not mix your drinks. Mixing together the different poisons within the drinks may cause a bad reaction with each other and can produce monstrous hangovers
  2. Try to have a couple of glasses of water during the evening and be sure to have a good meal in your stomach. Pasta or bread (Carbohydrates) help absorb the alcohol in your stomach to slow the rate at which it enters your bloodstream.Avoid drinking coffee or anything else with caffeine as it will dehydrate you, contributing to a potential hangover.
  3. Take any B supplement – your body uses up vitamin B when it metabolises alcohol.
  4. Large glasses of water before you go to bed helps rehydrate and lessen the consequences of alcohol on your system. Alcohol is a diuretic, and drinking too much causes the body to dehydrate.
  5. Keep drinking water throughout the following day to maximise the benefits. This helps the liver flush out the toxins.
  6. Invest in a pure water purification unit. And drink lots of it. The difference is incredible.
  7. Eating a banana before going to bed may also help. In the morning, eating complex carbohydrates is an ideal recovery plan. If you like, eat an orange to raise your blood sugar levels and replenish your electrolytes.
  8. For flu-like hangover symptoms – fresh air and moderate exercise are a great way to put you on the road to recovery.

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