5 Things You Can Do To Earn Money With a Small Investment


In the pursuit to earn money to make ends meet, some prefer to launch this endeavor by starting up a small or medium sized business. Well, this can sometimes reach a huge hurdle because of insufficient funds for the startup investment. In reality starting a small/medium business can be expensive and arduous. This hurdle can definitely be a dream spoiler.

Making it big in the business world comes to a dead end and some just throw in the towel. Well, on the bright side of things, there is no need to ponder and worry because there are some businesses that you can startup with a small (but enough) initial investment.

Earning a good amount of money can be achieved even if you’re one of those who have recently lost a job, a housewife wanting to make the little ends meet or even a student. Dedication is all one needs to have.


Here are 5 things you can do to earn money with a small Investment:


Get started with Uber

I bet you’ve already heard of Uber taxi service and their amazing services. Their focus is mainly on helping vehicle owners earn money by connecting them with the users.



All it takes for you to start with Uber is that you have a vehicle that passes Uber vehicle requirements. All depending on where you live, you are able to make as much as $25 an hour or even more. Uber has reached the worldwide stage and has become one of the best paying companies out there.

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Become a Freelancer

You have acquired a skill and experience that has been honed throughout the years. Various freelance platforms are available that would need you to get that specialized job done for clients from all over the world. If you already own a laptop/desktop computer with an internet connection, you are already on the path for this. Imagine earning close to $40,000 a year! (Depending on your skill type and level of expertise) but please don’t stop imagining and working towards it.



Freelance platforms out there include sites such as Upwork which already has 1.5 million clients. Not forgetting sites like Fiverr, Toptal, Elance, FreelancerHireWriters and ContentMart (register yourself as a copywriter). If you are an article or content writer, translator, graphic designer, a web developer, etc there will surely be something for you to respond to and to earn from. All you have to do is make an account on any of these freelance platforms and begin earning.



Make Videos for YouTube

If you know you have creativity in your blood and need to explore avenues of releasing that energy as an earning potential, YouTube may probably be the place for you. If you already have concepts that are “viral-able” and for all too see, then this avenue is worth exploring.



The requirements could be as basic as your mobile phone for capturing videos for a start. Enabling video monetization and adsense would give you that earning boost needed. The more video views and visitors, the more earnings. Good monetized fun.

YouTube Fact: The second most popular search engine platform after Google. More than 100 hours of videos are uploaded in an hour with more than a billion active users. The amount of visitors is  constantly rising.



Provide Tuition Services

Are you good at something and love to teach? Be it art, maths, piano, guitar or even drums. Earn from tutoring and best of all, you don’t even need a diploma or degree in teaching to pursue this just experience and a friendly nature.



Many have made good money from this.

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Start Blogging

You don’t need much investment for this, just passion. Blogging, if made a profession (which is possible) could rake in some big cash – perhaps $80k per year. All you need to start with is a good website (preferably based on WordPress) and hosting package and you’re on your way.



The cost may vary from between $25 and $50 a year – maybe less. With passion and focus, you can start making money within a few months.

Once you have a blog setup and ready to go (with passion as your fuel), you could consider options to monetize your site through affiliate marketing with Amazon. Here’s just one of many ways to do so.

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Can you think of any other ways to earn money?

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