3 Important Points To Practice For Selling A ClickBank Product

3 Important Points To Practice For Selling A ClickBank Product


Selling a product on ClickBank can be daunting for most Affiliate Marketers who are just starting out. When you need to expand your affiliate marketing knowledge has come to a dead-end, here are a few important steps an affiliate marketer should practice for selling a ClickBank product.


Clickbank Niche Choosing

Firstly, search for a product from any niche on ClickBank that you want to promote. Try exploring their sub-categories too (you might find an untapped niche). Be disciplined in creating content on your blog, daily as best practice that could help and guide your audience in that niche with targeted keywords. These keywords would be what your niche is searching for.


Valueable Giveaways

The next step would be to create a free giveaway also known as a free offer, a valuable one that would be regarded as worthwhile to your targeted audience (It’s good that you put effort in creating this. By doing so, it adds that amount of value to you as well as your audience). Best to give away something that is related to the niche. It could be in a form of a short tutorial video, a not so lengthy guide/tip e-book with some images and graphics. An opt-in form placed on your website or blog is necessary for building your email list. If you are on WordPress, search the plugins for opt-in forms; loads there.


You can also use MailChimp’s webform tool once you’ve registered as a free member if you haven’t done so already. Please do read their terms of service and understand the mechanics of their services and applications as no two Email Service Providers (ESPs) are the same.


Goal Setting And Moving Forward

Next, a short term goal of collecting 5 to 10 leads a day should suffice – a good goal to set. Your follow-up emails to them should be as frequent as 3 to 5 times a week and try to keep over delivering on valuable content in each one. You will gain their trust and it would save you from being labelled a spammer, spamming them with new offers almost everyday – this will lead to some unsubscribes. It’s only after adding consistent value, then you should look into introducing some sales pitches on other related products that they maybe interested in. This information can be acquired after some surveys of your audiences needs that could genuinely help them in the long run, thus keeping them in constant relationship with you.



Fresh and new content should be published and delivered often enough to create good relationship with your subscribers making you more trusted and credible as time goes by. Avoid making a hard-sell right away, as you could come across as quite desperate in your messages. The email follow up sequence must be tested and tweaked until you can see an obvious pattern till it converts buyers of your ClickBank product automatically.


Finally, keep in mind that trust is built by the value you provide, being ‘real’ and helping out.


All the best!